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Flowers For All the Moms in Your Life This Mother's Day

Celebrating the Mothers in Your Life: A Guide to Meaningful Gifting

Mothers are the people who brought us into this world, the ones who helped us take our first steps, the ones who stepped up to the role, the ones who raise our children, and someone you know you can always rely on. It may feel impossible to express your love and gratitude to the women who have shaped you, but flowers are a great place to start! Different colors and types of flowers can convey so many sentiments and make a truly special gift. Keep reading for some great ideas for Mother's Day flowers that will truly make her day!

Mom & Daughter

Mother’s Day
Flowers For Your Mom

When picking out Mother's Day flowers, let your mom's style shine! If she's into bold and bright, go for vibrant blooms like sunflowers or cheery gerbera daisies. For a timeless touch, opt for classic roses or elegant orchids. Consider where she'll show off her flowers; for centerpieces, go big and bold, but for minimalist spaces, keep it simple and sweet. Try to match the colors to her home decor or her favorite hues. And don't forget to choose high-quality long-lasting flowers to keep her smiling for days to come!

A woman giving flowers to her grandma

Mother’s Day
Flowers For Grandma

Grandmothers provide love, wisdom, and guidance across generations and pass down cherished family traditions. Remind her every day how much you love her with a potted plant, or opt for a gorgeous floral centerpiece to sit on her dinner table. If you don’t know what her favorite flowers are, try pink roses to represent her sweetness and the admiration you have for her.

Girlfriend smelling a bouquet

Mother’s Day
Bouquets For Your Wife

Show the mother of your children how grateful you are for everything she does! If you want to impress her this Mother’s Day, don’t just pick up the first bouquet you see at the grocery store. Choose an arrangement from your local florist that shows her how much you care. A ranunculus bouquet can bring the wow factor, roses are the perfect romantic gesture, and you can never go wrong with an arrangement of her favorite flowers.

Woman giving flowers to a friend

Floral Arrangements
For Your Mother-In-Law

When choosing flowers for your mother-in-law, consider her preferences and the message you want to convey. Soft and elegant colors like pastel shades of pink, lavender, or cream, along with classic choices like roses, orchids, or lilies, can express admiration and grace. For a more vibrant option, consider sunflowers or daisies for a cheerful touch. Alternatively, a mixed bouquet of her favorite flowers would be a sweet gesture.

A pregnant woman holding a bouquet of flowers

Flowers For
Expectant Mothers

Even if she hasn’t met her child yet, Mother’s Day is for pregnant women too! A bouquet of lilies symbolizing motherhood could be a great way to make her feel special this year. If you want to stun her and go all out, consider our Genevieve arrangement featuring hydrangea, roses, anemones, delphinium, and more! Before ordering, keep in mind whether she is sensitive to the scent of flowers and consider a low-fragrance flower like sunflowers or tulips!

Man about to surprise a woman with a bouquet of flowers

Flowers For The
Mother Figures In Your Life

Whether it's an adult daughter gracefully navigating the joys and challenges of motherhood, a sister stepping into the role of caregiver for younger siblings, a friend offering unwavering support and wisdom, or an aunt showering affection and encouragement, each woman plays a vital role in nurturing and shaping lives. Motherhood extends beyond biological ties, encompassing all those who embody the spirit of maternal love and care. Let them know you notice all they do with flowers and a note this Mother’s Day!

Sympathy Blooms on Mother’s Day

For many people, Mother’s Day can be difficult. There are many reasons someone may be grieving, here are a few ways to let them know you’re thinking of them.

Flowers for Grieving Mothers

Beautiful in Blue Bouquet
Many mothers may be grieving this year due to the loss of a child, estrangement, or other personal losses. An arrangement with white and cool-toned flowers can symbolize peace and be a sensitive way to acknowledge their grief. It's a small gesture that can make a big difference in letting grieving mothers know they are not alone and are loved and remembered on Mother's Day. More Info

Flowers for Grieving Sons & Daughters

Portrait In Purple Bouquet Bouquet
Mother's Day can be a bittersweet occasion for sons and daughters who are grieving the loss of a mother or the absence of a nurturing relationship with their mother. Receiving flowers can offer a gentle reminder of love and support during a challenging time. If their mother has passed, consider sending them a bouquet of her favorite flowers. More Info

Mother’s Day Memorial Flowers

White Isles Flower Arrangement
Memorial flowers for Mother's Day offer a poignant tribute to departed mothers, symbolizing love and cherished memories. Whether adorning a grave or kept at home, these blooms express enduring affection. Wearing a white carnation is a traditional gesture of remembrance, honoring mothers no longer present. More Info

Personalize Your Gift: Add-Ons She’ll Love

If you aren’t able to hand-deliver your floral gift to the mother in your life, having them delivered to her is a sweet way to show you care! Getting a knock on the door and being handed a beautiful arrangement is sure to make her day. Follow these steps to help make this a Mother’s Day she’ll remember.

Consider Her Favorite Colors & Flowers

Find a Florist

Choose the Perfect Arrangement

Select Delivery on Mother’s Day

Carefully Enter Delivery Details

Add a Personal Touch

The Do’s & Don’ts of Giving Flowers on Mother’s Day

Whether you’re getting flowers for your mom, grandma, wife, or any other mother in your life, you know her best! You know what will truly make her feel loved and special this Mother’s Day, but just in case, here are some things to consider when gifting flowers.


  • Do it: Consider Her Preferences

    Consider Her Preferences: Take the time to think about what types of flowers and arrangements she likes whether it’s a bright pink burst of blooms or an elegant potted plant.

  • Do it: Add a Personal Touch

    Add a Personal Touch: Include a heartfelt message or note with the flowers expressing your love and appreciation for her. Personalized gestures can make the gift even more meaningful.

  • Do it: Consider the Timing

    Consider the Timing: Ensure that the flowers are delivered at a convenient time for her. Mother's Day is a special occasion, so make sure she'll be home to receive the flowers or arrange for delivery when she's available.


  • Don't do it: Wait Until the Last Minute

    Wait Until the Last Minute: Avoid waiting until the last minute to order flowers for Mother's Day. Plan ahead to ensure timely delivery and to have a better selection of arrangements to choose from.

  • Don't do it: Overlook Maintenance

    Overlook Maintenance: Choose flowers that are easy to care for and maintain. Opt for an arrangement that comes in a vase so she won’t have to trim stems and grab a vase out of the basement!

  • Don't do it: Ignore Her Lifestyle

    Forget to Check Delivery Details: Avoid choosing overly extravagant or impractical arrangements that may not fit her lifestyle or home decor. Consider her preferences and living space when selecting the size and style of the flower arrangement.

Express Your Love With The Perfect Mother’s Day Flowers

Flowers make a wonderful Mother's Day gift, offering a heartfelt way to express love and appreciation. Gifting the mother in your life a bouquet of her favorite flowers is a thoughtful gesture. If you want to add more symbolism to your gift, keep reading to learn about the meaning behind each flower on Mother's Day.


Mother’s Day Roses

This Mother's Day, roses serve as the perfect symbol of love and appreciation for the mother figures in our lives. Classic red roses symbolize deep affection, pink roses express admiration and sweetness, and white roses honor the memory of mothers who have passed away. Don't miss the chance to show your love and gratitude with a beautiful bouquet of roses this Mother's Day!!

More Info

Carnations - The Official Mother’s Day Flowers

Since the early 20th century, white carnations, chosen by Mother's Day founder Anna Jarvis, symbolize purity and a mother's enduring love. Whether it's a single white carnation to honor a mother who has passed or a colorful bouquet to express love and gratitude, carnations are the perfect way to celebrate the remarkable women who have shaped your life this Mother’s Day!

More Info

Celebrate Motherhood With Lilies

Lilies are elegant and timeless flowers that symbolize purity, beauty, and motherhood itself. Their delicate petals and sweet fragrance evoke feelings of grace and admiration, reflecting the grace and strength of mothers. Giving a mother lilies on Mother's Day is a heartfelt gesture that conveys appreciation and gratitude for her endless devotion and care!

More Info

Give Tulips This Mother’s Day

Giving tulips on Mother's Day symbolizes love, gratitude, and admiration. Tulips represent the arrival of spring and new beginnings, and their vibrant colors and elegant blooms convey warmth and joy, making them a perfect gift to brighten her day and show appreciation for all she does. This Mother's Day, celebrate the special mothers in your life with a bouquet of tulips!

More Info

Delight Her With Peonies

If you’re not sure what her favorite flowers are, try giving your mom a bouquet of peonies this Mother’s Day! May is often considered peak season for peonies, and it's when you'll find the widest variety and best quality of blooms. Show your love this Mother’s Day with a seasonal gem, a bouquet of peonies!

More Info

Sunflowers For a Mother’s Day Full of Warmth

Sunflowers represent loyalty, strength, and happiness. Their cheerful blooms evoke feelings of joy and gratitude, brightening any space and bringing a smile to her face. By giving sunflowers, you're not only giving a stunning floral arrangement but also a heartfelt tribute to the incredible mothers who bring light and happiness into our lives!

More Info

Show Your Appreciation With Hydrangeas

This Mother's Day, show your appreciation for a special mother in your life by giving her the timeless beauty of hydrangeas. With their stunning and voluminous blooms in an array of vibrant colors, hydrangeas symbolize gratitude, abundance, and heartfelt emotions. Whether presented in a bouquet or planted in her garden, hydrangeas make a thoughtful and meaningful gift that will bring joy and beauty to her home.

More Info

Daisies For the Moms in Your Life

Daisies are a cheerful reminder of the gentle and nurturing qualities that define motherhood. With their bright petals and uplifting presence, daisies convey appreciation, gratitude, and simplicity. For a gift that radiates warmth and happiness, give her daisies this Mother’s Day!

More Info

Elegant Orchids For Mother’s Day

This Mother's Day, consider giving a mother in your life the timeless elegance of orchids. Whether presented in a bouquet or as a potted plant, orchids symbolize love, beauty, and refinement, making them a perfect choice to honor the remarkable mothers who enrich our lives. Brighten her Mother’s Day with orchids this year!

More Info

Surprise Her This Mother’s Day With Ranunculus

A bouquet of ranunculus offers a timeless and sophisticated gift that is sure to impress. With their delicate layers of petals and vibrant colors ranging from soft pastels to bold hues, ranunculus exude elegance and charm. Their intricate blooms symbolize charm, grace, and admiration, making them a perfect choice to honor the grace and beauty of mothers. Surprise her with a beautiful ranunculus arrangement this Mother’s Day!

More Info

How to Keep Mother’s Day Flowers Alive

Beautiful Mother's Day Flowers in a vase
  • 1. Shield From Heat & Sunlight

    Place your Mother's Day flowers in a location away from direct sunlight and heat sources. Heat and sunlight exposure can cause premature wilting and reduce the overall freshness of the flowers.

  • 2. Replace Water Daily

    Replace the water in the vase daily to maintain cleanliness and provide fresh nutrients to the flowers. This practice helps prevent bacterial growth and ensures that the blooms stay hydrated and vibrant.

  • 3. Promptly Remove Wilted Flowers

    Remove any flowers that show signs of wilting or aging. This helps maintain the visual appeal of the bouquet and encourages the remaining flowers to thrive by eliminating potential sources of decay.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mother’s Day Flowers

Do moms want flowers for Mother's Day?

Most mothers will love the thoughtful gesture of giving flowers on Mother’s Day, but everyone has different preferences. If you’re not sure, include her favorite treat and a handwritten note!

Are you supposed to get your grandmother something on Mother's Day?

Whether or not you get your grandmother something on Mother's Day depends on your family's traditions and your relationship with your grandmother. In many families, it's common to honor grandmothers on Mother's Day as well, recognizing their role as maternal figures in the family. However, if you're unsure or if it's not a tradition in your family, it's always thoughtful to show appreciation for your grandmother, especially if she has played a significant role in your life. Ultimately, the decision is yours, and it's always nice to express gratitude and love to those who have cared for and supported you.

Where does Lund Floral offer Mother's Day Flower Delivery?

Our shop serves the following areas in Utah: North Ogden, South Ogden, Ogden, Pleasant View, Farr West, Plain City, Harrisville, West Haven, Hooper, Roy, Washington Terrace, Riverdale, South Weber, West Weber, Uintah, Clinton, Clearfield, Layton. and Syracuse.

Can I still get flowers delivered for Mother's Day?

Yes! We deliver flowers on Mother’s Day. To help assure on-time delivery during the busy holiday, place your order at least 1 day before Mother’s Day!

How much should I spend on flowers for Mother's Day? Day?

The amount you spend on flowers for Mother's Day can vary depending on your budget and the type of arrangement you choose. You should consider the recipient's preferences and the quality of the flowers. Bouquets can range from relatively inexpensive options to more elaborate arrangements, so there's flexibility in how much you spend. A modest professional arrangement can cost as little as $40, while more elaborate arrangements can cost upwards of $200.

What are the most popular flowers for Mother's Day?

Some of the most popular flowers for Mother’s Day include roses, tulips, and lilies!